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Idaho Photo Booth & Bus

Idaho Photo Booth

 Sun Valley Photo Booth

We are the modern version of the old bulky photo booths. You get the experience of an authentic photo booth.  Your guests will have fun cramming in and taking pictures together in a real photo booth.  There are some other booths out there that are no more than a handmade wooden box with some wires inside and drapes added…but we are the real thing but in a smaller more portable package!  There are some that use a web cam or ipad…we use an actual camera that produces first rate photographs!  There are some that you enter and simply stand in front of a camera; you have a photographer for that…with us you will have fun in a real, authentic photo booth! One Fun Photo Booth

Photo Bus

photo bus in idaho

Show some love with a “vintage” flare to your guests with Idaho’s favorite photo bus. Bella is not only a fully restored 1976 VW bus, she is also a fully equipped photo booth with air conditioning! Perfect for those warm outdoor weddings and events. Dates are booking up fast. Call today to book your dates. 208-736-7268

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